Stunning Innovative, Endlessly Familiar

ur vision is that Aban solutions must, in order to satisfy the curiosity of our customers, be novel and unusual; yet the solutions should at the same time not disrupt or disturb the customers too much, not to push them too far. Therefore, Aban solutions are at once both profoundly original and playfully derivative, both capable of stunning and compelling innovation, while at the same time remaining endlessly familiar and reassuringly self-referential. We believe that what ultimately emerges as the common denominators of all the solutions, is the fact that the exchange of services -the providing of services and the desire to use services of others- is the consuming human activity. Providing such solutions, simply put, is the quality which defines not only Aban, but the whole mankind.

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Innovative Telecom Solutions

Aban Telecom Solutions & Services
Aban is an innovative provider of Telecom Services, and cutting edge technologies in field of Rich Content, including Multimedia OTT Services. We facilitate business of our clients by offering customized solutions, such as Voucher Management System, mBAAS Products, Video Platform, and Service Delivery Platforms. Aban also provides services, including Strategic and Marketing Planning, Content Aggregation and Management, and Technical Consultancy. Having a successful experience in development and deployment of telecom technologies, in cooperation with MENA mobile operators, and working with a team of young and talented technical and business experts, Aban is honoured to offer its state-of-the-art solutions to the customers.

A Spectre Is Haunting Telcos

Mobile network operators are in the very critical moment of adapting their business to the new ecosystem, under the increasing pressure of ubiquitous broadband access on mobile devices. For years, they have been operating in the traditionally oligopolistic environment of telecom industry, and now they are being deprived of their previous privileges and exposed to a competitive market, for which they are not well adapted.
Telcos were used to compromise agility for safety, and flexibility and innovation for securing long-term partnerships with huge enterprises. Now it seems that their core competencies, such as economy of scale, financial capacity, and huge organization, has turned into their greatest threats.
Operators, however, are equipped with unique assets, such as access to a large number of engaged customers and instant revenue streams. Used properly for developing new business models, these resources can turn the tide.
Aban Solutions alleviate and eventually resolve this acute situation with an enabling toolset, designed to fill the gap between telcos and service providers, as the agile and innovative party of new businesses.
Telcos bring their insight and solid base into the game and provide a reliable infrastructure for service provision. On the other side, service providers design and launch novel services and deliver them to the customers, using operators’ infrastructure.
We are moving from primitive and old-fashioned Service Delivery Platform (SDP) paradigm, towards the much broader concept of cloud computing and Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), in an integrated solution: Service Garden.

What Service Garden offers:

  • Service Creation Environment, providing application and service logic hosting sandboxes for service providers:
    a. Access to all gateways and queues, based on a global ACL.
    b. Linux hosting and ready-to-use cartridges for fast launching of conventional services.
  • Rich content hosting platform for service providers, including encoding, transcoding and streaming features.
  • Management of queues, ACLs, CRM, payments and billing, gateways and routes, through SDP:
    a. Billing and IP, SMS and USSD gateways integrated with telco’s infrastructure.
    b. Supporting other gateways, such as bank payment, social networks and messaging apps.
  • Revenue Assurance and Reporting module, enhancing marketing strategies.
  • Push notification and messaging platform empowers app developers and service providers for agile product development.
  • Advertisement platform works seamlessly with other features to create new revenue sources.
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